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Silicone Bra Inserts

Silicone bra inserts are perfect for women who want to increase their bra size, and attract the attention of the opposite sex. Silicone looks and feels naturally real. It is the ultimate bra filler that is guaranteed to boost a woman's ego and breast size at the same time.

Women born with small breast can easily increase their bra size several times, without under going surgery. Inserts are the safest and most effective way to fill up a dress, and add volume to a perfect fitting tank less blouse.

Actresses, models, and every day woman choose to appeal to the woman inside. The inserts are completely invisible, and no one will ever know they are there. Silicone inserts are simply gorgeous. They are designed for the sexy, sensuous busy woman who wants to look for best. Bra filler inserts are available in small, medium and large breast sizes.

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Braza Silicone Magic - Au Natural! Includes one pair. The Braza Silicone Au' Natural will provide lift, cleavage, shaping and cup size. Why choose silicone? - Looks and feels natural - Increases confidence - Ideal for bras and swimwear - Has that natural bounce - A safe alternative to serious surgery Each pad can be positioned in several ways to create...