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Bachelorette Party Etiquette Q And A

A wedding is a big event in any womans life. It marks the end of her life as an unmarried woman and ushers her into the world of marriage and family life. Many women tend to mark this transition with a celebration. Despite the fact that it is a celebration should however not be taken too far. There should be limits to what one should do on this special occasion. Here are is a quick look at bachelorette parties: etiquette Q & A.
Many brides to be wonder whether it is appropriate for them to hold parties on the same day as that of the groom. This is more a question of personal choice for the bride. The parties do not have to be held concurrently, but it is not such a bad idea. It helps to keep the mind of the bride from worrying too much about at is going on at the bachelor party in the event that they were not held on the same night.
Another common question is whether the mother of the bride must be invited. Many at times, women drink alcohol in these parties. A bride may not be very comfortable getting drunk with her mother within the vicinity.They therefore exclude their parents and enjoy the time with their peers.
A party that has alcohol would not be the best kind of party for the bride to invite her mother. A more toned down kind of party, for example in the house with other relatives and friends would be more appropriate. It is less embarrassing this way.
Perhaps the most common question about such a party is whether it is appropriate to have male strippers at the party. Having strippers of the opposite sex entertaining people at the party is common amongst grooms. This makes most brides feel like they also need to do the same.
The question is commonly asked by young brides to be. It can only be appropriate to have strippers at the party if all they will do is strip, entertain, and leave the party after being paid. The strippers should not be allowed to make any moves on the bride. Their job is to entertain. Period. Anything of a more personal nature is without doubt inappropriate.
Is it in order for friends to take embarrassing photos of the bride during the party? This is another common question. Photos are a good way of remembering special occasions. It is therefore not uncommon for friends to have their cameras ready at such a party. The bride may not be in a position to control or stop this, because even she would like to remember such an occasion sometime in the future.
However, the bride is very much in control of the nature of the photos that will be taken. An embarrassing photo could be a photo taken when the bride was laughing so hard and her mouth was wide open. Such a photo is of no harm. A photo of the bride dancing suggestively with a man different from her husband is another story altogether. This is just a tip of the iceberg on bachelorette parties: etiquette Q & A.
  • June 03, 2014
  • The Editor
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